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Service Contract

Annual support for your heating system and priority call-out via our customer services emergency help line which can paid monthly or per annum.

1. Servicing and Repairs

1.1. The terms and conditions in this agreement apply to the annual inspection and servicing call-out service provided by Lanarkshire Gas Services Limited (“we”/”us”) for domestic central heating systems run on natural gas or LPG. This is a home care agreement not an insurance policy. When you sign up to a Service and Maintenance Agreement with us you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

1.2. This agreement includes the terms on which we provide cover for your central heating boiler together with a priority call out service. If you need to call us out, we will treat your call as a priority. Our preferential priority call out charges will apply for the period of our attendance if applicable (only for plans with a chargeable excess). We will not charge you for any parts used. There is no limit to the number of calls out you may have during this agreement and there is no charge for attending; preferential rates apply to work carried out. Where you experience an intermittent fault, we will try to agree with you the most effective and economic way to deal with this.

1.3. At the initial visit we will carry out an annual inspection of your central heating system and a full service of your boiler of which will be chargeable. This will take account of manufacturers’ recommendations and will give you a summary on your heating system

and its efficiency.

1.4. We do not apply system age limitations, provided spare parts are still available, but some limitations may apply in respect of some boiler makes and models, and only central heating systems which comply with the relevant British Standards will be accepted for cover under this agreement (only applicable to boilers out of manufacturer’s warranty period).

1.5. We will service/repair your central heating system using Gas Safe registered engineers.

2. Appointments

2.1. Annual service visits will be carried out during normal working hours on a date agreed with you. We will advise you in writing by post or by email (whichever you have chosen) when the service is due and will offer you an appointment. If you would like to change the day or time of this appointment, you should contact us by telephone (01698 678 177) or email us enquiries@lanarkshiregas.co.uk at the earliest opportunity to agree an alternative appointment. We have a limited number of evening and Saturday slots available and will give you priority access to these slots. If we do not hear from you, we will assume the appointment offered to you is convenient and will attend.

2.2. Breakdown calls will be treated as a priority over service calls. When you notify us of a fault with your heating system, we will agree with you the date and time at which we will attend unless the breakdown is an emergency (complete loss of heating, a water leak which

cannot be contained or emergency call out, out of hours).

2.3. If we agree the breakdown is an emergency (complete loss of heating, a water leak which cannot be contained or emergency call out, out of hours) we will always respond to it as a priority, including at weekends and on Public Holidays and in any case within 24 hours but usually in a much shorter time. We aim to attend within 2 – 4 hours of your emergency call. When you call us out to an emergency, we will tell you when we expect to attend, and we will update you if there is any change. The engineer will call you when they are on their


2.4. If we cannot get your heating working within the same day, we will provide you with temporary heaters free of charge and will collect these when the heating is restored. We are not responsible for the cost of energy used by the temporary heaters.

2.5. If we have made an appointment with you and are unable to access the property when we attend (within 30 minutes of the appointment time) to undertake a service or a repair we reserve the right to charge you at our standard hourly rates (available on our website, www.Lanarkshiregas.co.uk for the wasted time.

2.6. You must give reasonable access to our engineer to enable him to carry out the service or repair.

2.7. Landlords – if we are unable to gain access within the 12-month period. We will provide reasonable evidence our engineer has tried to gain access to the property (photo of door, a posted no access card and record of correspondence, i.e., Emails, Phone calls and SMS.) In this case, a refund would not be honored.

3. Start Date and Payment

3.1. We will not enter into an agreement until we have inspected your boiler and heating system. If we accept your application to enter into this service and call-out agreement, cover will start 14 days after we accept your application, subject to receipt by us of payment, where applicable. You may make your application at the time of the survey and if the survey was satisfactory our engineer will accept your application. You may confirm that you wish to proceed with an application for cover up to 7 days after a satisfactory survey.

3.2. If our engineer advises you at the time of the initial inspection that we will accept your application, you can complete your application to enter into this agreement including the direct debit authorization and we can carry out the first annual service at the time of the initial inspection at our standard service rate. This does not affect your right to a 14-day cooling off period. You will be asked to confirm at that time that you understand that you are requesting the service to be done regardless of whether or not you subsequently exercise your right to cancel the agreement and that if you do cancel the agreement, you will be charged for the service.

3.3. If you do not cancel this agreement during or at the end of the 14-day cooling off period, you will be charged for work we have carried out during that period to deal with any repairs at our preferential priority call out rates. If you cancel this agreement during or at the end

of the 14-day cooling off period any payment you have made under this agreement will be refunded but you will be charged for any repairs carried out during the 14-day cooling-off period at our standard hourly rates (available on our website,  www.Lanarkshiregas.co.uk).

3.4. Payment must be made monthly by direct debit or as a single annual payment in advance of your agreement start date.

3.5. If you fail to make a payment on time this agreement will be suspended, and you will not be able to obtain service under the agreement. If you fail to make a payment on time, we will notify you within 10 working days of the date payment was due. If you do not pay the requested amount within 30 days of the date on which payment was due this agreement will be cancelled. If you have a service due or want a call-out while your agreement is suspended our engineer will not attend until the overdue payment has been made.

4. Renewal

4.1. We will provide you with notice in advance of the annual renewal date of your agreement together with information about the cost of renewal and about alternative packages we offer.

4.2. We will continue to provide you with cover, subject to receipt of payment, where applicable, unless you cancel your agreement.

4.3. We aim to undertake our annual inspection and service of your central heating system within 28 days of your agreement renewal date and will contact you.

5. Remedial Work at the Initial Inspection

5.1. At the time of the initial inspection before we accept your central heating system for cover under this agreement, our engineer will identify so far as possible any remedial work required to bring your system up to our standards to allow us to accept your application to enter into this agreement. Any remedial work to which you have agreed, and which is carried out by us will be chargeable and payable prior to this work being carried out.

5.2. If you decline to undertake the remedial work identified, we will cancel the agreement and any payments made by you prior to the cancellation will be refunded, subject to any charges payable under this agreement for work already performed by us.

5.3. While our inspection will be as thorough as possible, there may be faults which we cannot identify, for example, because part of your system is built into the fabric of your home and to inspect it would require intrusive steps to gain access. If you call us out because of such a fault, and you decline to undertake at your cost the remedial work we identify as necessary to bring your system up to standard, we reserve the right to cancel this agreement.

5.4   If your system/boiler was installed by us, we would have carried out a chemical flush as per the manufacturer’s requirements. If it was not installed by us, we will do an initial water quality inspection to determine the level of dirt in your system. If we deem the system to

be out with the acceptable level, we will give a recommendation of any remedial works required to bring your system up to standard (i.e., Power flush, Magna-Cleanse or Chemical Flush).

5.5   We will adopt a traffic light system to determine water quality (Green – Satisfactory. Amber

– Satisfactory, however may present issues in future which may come with a charge for parts, if said parts deteriorate as a result of poor water quality in system. Red – Unsatisfactory unless immediate remedial works are undertaken to bring it up to standard at a cost of said work, which will be quoted for at time of appointment.

6. Limitations

6.1. This agreement covers one boiler per domestic property. Properties with more than one boiler will require additional cover.

6.2. This agreement excludes all commercial-rated boilers or boilers used in commercial premises and is limited to boilers with no more than 40Kw output. If your boiler has a larger output, we will review the position with you to seek to agree with you the service we can provide.

6.3. If we supply any parts to maintain your central heating system, we reserve the right to do so using parts of a similar specification.

6.4. Limitations on the availability of spare parts may mean it is not always possible to repair a particular fault. If we are unable to reasonably source spare parts, we will offer our best price promise on finding you replacement boiler.

6.5. Any costs associated with changes required to your system to ensure it complies with current legislation and industry standards are not covered by this agreement.

6.6. The cost of redecoration and replacement or repair of any fixtures and fittings is not included in this agreement.

6.7. Removing asbestos associated with repairing the appliance or system; asbestos removal must be carried out by an accredited asbestos removal contractor who is able to provide appropriate certification on completion of the removal.

6.8. In the event that it is necessary, for example, to remove carpets, floor or wall tiles, floorboards, etc., or to cut into wall or floor surfaces and you wish us to carry out this work you will be asked to confirm in writing your consent while the engineer is at your property but before they commences work.

7. Cancellation

7.1. Either party may cancel this agreement with at least 28 days written notice. Cover will cease immediately once this notification has been received and processed by us.

Examples of why we might have to cancel your agreement include:

7.1.1. You give us information which is incorrect

7.1.2. You fail to make the necessary payments

7.1.3. We are unable to find spare parts to allow us to maintain your central heating system

7.1.4. Any change of circumstance which prevents us from maintaining your central heating

system in safe working order

7.2. If either party cancels the agreement and you have paid in advance for your annual cover, you will receive a refund for any complete months of the period remaining on your agreement, subject to deduction of any charges payable.

7.3. If either party cancels the agreement and you pay monthly by direct debit, we will not take a payment after the end of the month in which your 28-day notice expires, although you will still be liable for any outstanding charges.

7.4. You should contact us in writing either by post or by email as specified by terms of this agreement if you want to cancel your contract so that we do not attempt to collect any direct debit payments after the end of the month in which your 28-day notice expires.

8. Legal

8.1. If you move house during the period of this agreement and wish to enter into a similar agreement with us in respect of your new property, we will cancel the agreement on the day of your move and will enter into a new agreement with you in respect of the heating system at the new property subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions (inspection, acceptance, initial service). If you move house, you must inform us by telephone (01698 678 177) or email (enquiries@lanarkshiregas.co.uk) and provide us your new address.

8.2. We reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions of this agreement for the service and emergency call-out in respect of your central heating system.

8.3. Any delay on our part in enforcing any term, condition, right or remedy in respect of this agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver of any such term, condition, right or remedy.

8.4. Notices required under this agreement will be in writing and delivered by hand, sent by post, or email. We will send notices to your billing address. We will assume you have received the notice 2 working days after we have sent it unless we receive evidence to the contrary. You must send notice(s) by post to:

Lanarkshire Gas Services, Coralinn House, 4 Royston Road, Livingston EH54 8AH. or by email to  enquiries@lanarkshiregas.co.uk

8.5. If you have a complaint, please contact us by telephone (01698 678 177) or email us (customercare@lanarkshiregas.co.uk) and we will make every effort to resolve your complaint. Our procedure aims to ensure that your complaint is resolved as quickly as possible but provides for escalation to senior managers if you remain dissatisfied.

8.6. Any information you provide for the purposes of this agreement will be held and used by us as the data controller (for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1989) to administer this agreement and the provision of services to you under this agreement. We may use the information for the purposes of training, testing, quality control. We may also use the information to keep you informed by post, email, or telephone of any of our products

which we think may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to do this, please contact us by telephone (01698 678 177) or email us (enquires@lanarkshiregas.co.uk) and advise us of this. We will not share your information with any third party.

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